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Frequently Asked


What is a smile design/Hollywood smile?

A smile design / Hollywood Smile is a treatment that aims to deliver perfectly aligned white teeth using bonded veneers or ceramic crowns (if necessary). The smile is designed before starting the treatment using professional software, imaging techniques and study models.

Is a smile design treatment painful?

The smile design treatment requires most of the time the placement of thin shells of veneers over minimally prepared enamel. The treatment is most of the time not painful and can even be done without anesthetics. However if minor sensitivities appear during the treatment session, local anesthetics are more than enough.

How long do veneers and crowns last?

Veneers and crowns are ceramic restorations designed to last for many years (over 10 years).However they are also supposed to be maintained as normal teeth including regular check ups every 6 months. If the patient is a grinder, the wear of a night guard will be mandatory.

Do veneers change color?

Per opposition to composite restorations that are porous resins at microscopic level ,the ceramics glass structure  is glazed in the laboratory, which makes it resistant to pigmentation absorption thus the color of the ceramic is stable in time.

Which materials do we use?

There are many kinds of ceramics on the market, however our preference is for Feldpathic ceramic when it comes to veneers (this ceramic has optimal aesthetic results). However sometimes we need stronger material and we opt for Emax ceramics especially in the case of crowns.

Zirconaia crowns are only used for posterior teeth and bridges or in case of bruxism.

Is a smile design an expensive treatment?

Smile designs and full mouth reconstructions are expensive treatments specially that they require precision machinery, high-end materials and state of the art technologies. However the long lasting results make the investment worth it.