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Scrolling around this gallery gives you an idea of the wide range of cosmetic solutions we can offer to different clinical cases and situations.

Solutions for “gummy” smiles, teeth crowding, teeth discoloration and deep bites are just some of the many services that we provide.

Drag the arrow left and right to see the amazing and immediate cosmetic results.

Closing Gaps

Teeth Alignment

Teeth Alignment

Tetracycling Discoloration

Gummy Smile

Smile Design - Case Redo

Smile Design - Enlarging Smile

Smile Design - Whiter Teeth




Crowns Covering Gum Recession

Smile Design - Making Longer Whiter Teeth

Smile Design - Closing Gaps and Reshaping Teeth

Smile Design - Gum Contouring and Enhancing Teeth and Smile

Smile Design - Closing Gaps